October Summer

Taking even an hour to spend time away from my usual space is necessary to recall that even if I cannot travel to other places I can, and should, explore where I live. Yesterday was perfect. Nature is gifted at presenting the wonders of, well of nature. I had recently discovered the Royal Bay mammoth and the path along the beach, this time I decided to take a chance and actually turn right where it is only beach. Beautiful, only met two people; very hard to walk on sand in shoes. That one hour may not have healed any ills but it did make the day just that much brighter.

The beach is too cold to swim in these days. I did spy one individual settled on a blanket, picnic at elbow, nose in a book. A couple of kayakers were packing up for the day.

I love this piece of natural sculpture.


Happy Thanksgiving: it’s all about the pumpkin!

Today also happens to be my grandson’s 16th birthday. I sent him a text in the morning to wish him a happy birthday – and he was up! Of course it is three hours later than here. When I called him later to sing to him, only the first two words, he was out riding his new 4 wheeler. I think the other term is ATV. This was a gift to himself from his wages. Although the new Ontario government pulled the plug on raising the hourly wage to $15.00 the is province still ahead of BC. I think my grandson earns more per hour than his aunts out here!

I could not make it for his birthday, nor for the upcoming tenth wedding anniversary of his aunt and uncle who also live in ON. I did do something for the day though. The original plan was a vegan meal so that my youngest would have some choices. However, she was quite sick and unable to come yesterday. The day was not lost, I made some changes and had s lot of fun while cooking up a storm. I am thankful I can and I could share with my second daughter. Now if only someone would do the dishes!

My very first vegan pumpkin pie!

We did not only have pie!

Mini-Adventure: I saw a Heffalump today

I purposely set out to search for woolly mammoths. I had photo evidence of them frolicking at the Royal Bay Beach Park in Colwood. Off I went, solo.

The beach is perhaps an 8 minute drive from my home depending on traffic and lights. Royal Bay Beach Park was once an unsightly gravel pit, inaccessible to the public for over 100 years. Driving along Metchosin Road we could see the stunning ocean views but always had to keep our windows up to keep out the noisy equipment, flying dust and even the odd bits of rock. It is nice to see this privately owned piece of land is being transformed and is open to the general public.

More woody than woolly, this must be a Heffalump and a baby Heff

These days neglectful digging had better not be discovered!

I spent a lovely hour checking out the main path, nifty driftwood huts, attempted some nimble balancing, and strolling along the seaweed strewn beach. My knee was not very cooperative so I kept mainly to the path and sand. This just meant I would have plan an outing with my daughter in tow.

I cam across maybe five structures, these were the two I rally liked. Some of those pieces must be heavy. One had a very sturdy looking cross beam from back to front. Budding architects.

Perhaps a Push Me-Pull You was lurking in the brush? I did find out these were sawdust arrows for a dozen or so people following the path. Could they not figure out how to turn around to go back from whence they came?

Although all we can see now are the vestiges of the pit days on land, the encroachment of industry is always in view.

The winds blow hard enough that trees permanently list.

Next time I will walk along this section. I drawn towards the beach as though called by a siren. I wisely acknowledged that it would be better to have someone with me.

First day of Autumn/Last day of summer? – Dallas Road views

I am fortunate to live in one of the most expensive cities in Canada. Not that I am anywhere near the high income bracket. Truth be told, I am far too close, financially and now physically, to the tent city that recently set up camp at Goldstream Provincial Park & Campsite where I explored some of the trails in April. (mini-adventure-goldstream-park-the-other-side.)

One of the pluses with living in Victoria has to be how accessible walking along the beach is. Dallas Road is the perfect walkway for gathering thoughts, allowing the flotsam and jetsam of life to leave on the winds, breather in the fresh ocean air, listen to and watch the gulls, eagles, herons and other birds depending on the season (Spring is wonderful for seeing hummingbirds), and get in a great walk regardless physical ability.

The driftwood ‘shipwreck’ from the day before. I live beyond the distant hills that are hiding behind the cloud bank. That monolith in the background was the first cruise ship for the day.

From Ships Point to Clover Point, the path is about, according to a google maps check, 3 km one way via Bridge Way. I must have not taken that exact route as my return walk was roughly 7km and I did not make it to Clover Point. I was going at a fairly brisk pace – for which I suffered later and the next day. I fell into pace with one cruise ship passenger with whom I walked and chatted for about 8 minutes. He was 77, originally from Beijing, left in the early 1960s. This was offered after we had noted we were both limping slightly exchanged knee problems with his query as to how I had I injured my knee. I even dared to pull out some of my latent Mandarin. (Too bad his saying he was happy to meet me only properly translated in my head after I said I was a little happy) He had a great outlook, always be happy, smile at people – it worked too. Wishing home a great visit I said goodbye and sped up while he waited for family. I had a goal to make it to the Marilyn Bell cairn this day before turning around. Which I did and beyond, and made the following discovery.

When I first lived in Victoria I was mesmerized by the thought of swimming across this channel – I never did attempt it.,
When walking remember to look beyond – you never know what you will discover. Also look up!

As I tried to find a good angle for a picture of this I nearly stumbled into an unobtrusive tent tucked away into the bushes. We never know hw close we are to needing that little space.