Urban Walk: a rainy morning

Still wanting to get out for fresh air, and still allowed to, I made the decision to keep many of my walks nearby rather than driving ten minutes to one of the few trails nearby. Although we cannot travel we can enjoy our neighbourhoods.

One of those trails is tantalizing close. I have been waiting for the connector to finally open up to join two trails that will mean avoiding traffic on narrow streets without sidewalks.

Next to the defunct E&N Rail. The fence was down – an end in sight? It was the weekend which meant no work.

One bonus to walking in my neighbourhood is actually the density. There are all sorts of stores, cafes, restaurants and even a small library one can visit. Many are local businesses.

This one is closed for renovations. Waiting behind this bin for a grande or venti might be a test of patience. (For a Starbucks fix there are three more about a 10 – 15 minute walk away.

I would not be surprised if some caffeine deprived drivers tried to line up here.

More West Coast November: a wander through James Bay

On my last day looking after my daughter’s cat, before going home to my two, I took advantage of the foggy yet fairly decent morning to walk along the coastline pathways. So many people think the west coast of Canada is too grey in the fall and winter – I say they are not looking for the gems. Although I have not left the island, nor gone beyond Greater Victoria, I can find so much to enjoy.

Fisherman’s Wharf. The always popular, colourful mix of houseboats and fishing boats where you can find eateries, artists, kayaks to rent, music, hopeful seals seeking a handout (I believe no longer allowed) and a mix of visitors. Mirror clear.
Art installation?
I have no idea if the bits and pieces were added before this stump washed up on our shores or if someone saw its potential. I love the tide surrounding the base.

West Coast November: revisiting stomping grounds

Autumn on Vancouver Island, Although we may not get the colours of Eastern and Atlantic Canada when we hit November the temperature hovers around 10 C and higher, the sun was out and it was time to visit the beach and kick up some leaves. Toque, gloves, scarf added to my daily walking attire and I was ready. There are times when family stuck in Ontario pine for such days, particularly when they have snow. I send photos.

The sun was out, the sky a lovely blue, Mount Baker was peeking out across the water. Everyone and their dog were enjoying the beach while still maintaining friendly distancing. It was actually busier than some warmer days. I was astonished to see one brave soul actually swimming! (We watched to ensure they were not waving frantically for help)

My sister had joined me, Willows Beach was our starting point with Cattle Point our destination before turning around. An easy 3 km walk with some adventurous clambering over rocky outcroppings for closer views. Just as we were about to turn back a flotilla of 26 sailboats rounded the safe harbour of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club to make the morning perfect.

After I had lunch I went for a bit of a down memory lane afternoon walk. Still a gorgeous day out. This was my weekend away. Cat sitting for my daughter in a part of the city I rarely wander about anymore. I even managed to get in another 4 km. Exploring your own backyard is good for the soul.

Mountain Baker (in the U.S.)
Driftwood fort tucked away. Too dangerous for me to get a better angle.
Kicking up the leaves. (Perimeter of Beacon Hill Park)
Clinging on high above everyone.
(It was a bit of a stretch to take the picture)