Nailing It down

You need to make a decision. That was me attempting to wrestle said decision from my daughter. She started by saying she thought moving was best. I was not satisfied with that. I wanted a definitive decision. Would she be moving to Ontario?

That out of the way, – yes, by the way -I allowed that she really does not have to immediately decide to where. There are two choices, and that indecision was my fault. Unknown to me she had planned to finally register to study in Toronto. I threw a wrench in things when I sent her information about a completely different program at a school in Peterborough. Albeit along the lines of the degree she already has. However, at least a decision to move has been nailed down.

I suppose the question of how this affects me may be asked. My daughter is perfectly capable of moving without me. I am perfectly capable of living on my own. The factors that binds a commitment for both of us to move are twofold. 1: I already have two daughters living in Ontario. 2: Living alone anywhere without at least a ‘good’ income is nearly impossible. Neither of us owns a home that could be sold. Neither of us has a job, or in my case a pension, that supports a single person – we already live in the third most expensive in Canada. A move to Toronto will most certainly mean more penny pinching. I expect Peterborough will be about the same. We have decided to make this leap together.

It is not as though we have never moved before. Heck, it could have been considered s leap of faith when I decided to move three of my children halfway around the world in 1997 to China. It has just taken my daughter a little longer to make the leap from her head to action. Now that she has I plan to forge ahead by tackling everything much as I do a three month trip. Lots of planning, paring down, more planning, packing and repacking.

Did I mention this will also be another cross journey? Still with only me as the driver. Let the chaos of decluttering and packing commence.