Beloved King of Thailand Died

king_bhumibol_adulyadej_2010-9-29Yesterday, shortly after 7:00pm, we heard that the King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej, died, age 88. He was very much loved by the people of Thailand. While out last night it appeared many citizens had still not heard the news. As of arriving at our new hotel not much was yet known as the mourning period was still in planning stages. We have found out that there will be a month of somber mourning for one month beginning today. Everyone is asked to dress respectfully – my daughter and I managed to find a couple of things while shopping, mainly because we had heard early enough what might be expected. I think my sleeveless dress may need a cover still.

In addition, alcohol consumption and entertainment are to be curtailed, (stopped?) for the one month period. Then there will be a year of mourning. At this time we do not know how, if at all, our travels may be affected. I believe heading to Bangkok could be nearly impossible due to the sheer numbers of Thai citizens wanting to pay their respects.

I am grateful to be a guest here during this historical time and hope I do not inadvertently disgrace myself.