Wedding Wednesdays 

The Secret Is Out

As though I do not already have enough to think about with my upcoming 60 day trip I am now helping, from the other side of the country, to plan my eldest daughter’s wedding! Writing a blog from the mother of the bride’s point of view has most likely been done ad infinitum; which means I must attempt to write with a fresh view. Perhaps the fact the engaged couple has been together for 25 years and have a nearly 15 y/o child will provide a part of the twist to interest. 

On Canada Day, after watching a very country parade, from the comfort of the porch, some of us headed to town for the vast array of 150th birthday activities. As we wended our way to the annual Arts Festival the discussion turned to the upcoming move of another of my daughters for her graduate studies. ((Bravo!) Without thinking, the matron of honour (except I did not know this) said, “Now you will have two places to go dress shopping!” I asked why she, the one moving, would have to go shopping four years before finishing her thesis. The looks on all three faces – bride, sister of the bride, and matron, was priceless, as was the expressed realization of a faux pas. As her foot was already in her mouth the matron mumbled something along the lines of your mother doesn’t know? To which my daughter said, “She does now!”It seems the three of them had been keeping the secret, other than from my grandson, and the groom of course, for at least two months!

My daughter had planned a special way to tell me. Instead we set about discussing logistics, telling her friend no more secrets for her, and eventually went on the cruise where the wedding will take place. So, after lunch and wandering around, although I now knew, my daughter asked, what did I think of the Island Queen as a wedding venue? My westcoast island girl is marrying an east coast boy aboard a paddle wheeler on Lake Ontario. No longer a boy and a girl, two mature people who will be celebrating 25 years as a couple with a big party that includes a wedding. 

I like planning big events, I am good at it despite not having many opportunities these days. Details my daughter and I have already taken care of, invitations chosen and sent out. Hotels contacted for block rooms information and codes. Deposit for venue. Some top secret plans not being told to anyone!

The wedding will be on my father’s birthday, and his parents wedding anniversary – such a nice way to include him. My eldest was very special to him. My sister reminded me we still have the dove our grandparents, parents, she, and my already married daughter, had on their wedding cake. I guess I should ask if it can be included for this wedding!

No photo of the wedding cake from 1925 to my knowledge. My parents cake photo is packed away. This is from their 50th anniversary nearly 11 years ago.

Money saving tips: A magnetic save-the-date with an RSVP/info on the back is a great invitation. Include your email, phone number, and use a free wedding planners site. My daughter chose