Wedding Wednesday: Xi’an style

As my trip entered November I noticed there were fewer wedding photo shoots. Considering I was in China again it could have been that there were not any auspicious days along with fewer, easily accessible places for excellent shots. I doubt anyone would want to attempt heading up to the Longmen Grottoes even with the safe steps and paths. There is also the fact it is doutbful such photos would be allowed there, or at the Terracotta Warriors Museum. Which meant that running across the following two shoots when I was walking on the Ancient Xi’an Wall was an opportunity I did not want to miss! Although I did not really capture it, red dresses of each bride also showed how deep the pollution in the air was that day. As always, most of my pictures would not go into any photo album – these are the amateur bits in between the glamour shots.

I just love those shoes! This is one bride who understood it is necessary to have proper footwear on the rampart.
It is unlikely, at 60 and not even considering dating, I will ever marry again. However, I may have to find an excuse to buy a red gown!


This couple seemed to have only remained below the ramparts – no escalators here
You want me to do what?
A little support from behind
Check out the red slippers – although the weather was fine for walking in it was necessary to wear a coat/sweater and proper footwear