Have Chariot – August Update

Only one week left before we slip into September. My living room was a little chilly when I got up this morning. Someone left the big wall fan on all night. I am beginning to think I will not get out for a test camp. Of course, with a campfire ban, over 560 wildfires, and extremely smoky skies across the province camping is not exactly a fun prospect. This morning I woke up, peeked out the window and saw blue sky and a sunrise working hard to pierce the clouds. The smoky haze is nearly all gone. Everyone can at least take a proper breath.

Heavy smoke in the air for a week is not healthy. Smoke in the air of one of the most beautiful places in world is unthinkable when it surpasses the Air Quality (AQI) levels in Beijing! Firefighters at all levels need to be applauded, this has been a tough summer. A summer some are saying is the new normal. Yikes! Although a shift in wind, so smoke, direction has changed there will not be any changes to the campfire ban. So sad, no roasted marshmallows in the new future.

My hope is to go on a day trip up Vancouver Island to visit Newcastle Island even if we cannot camp there for now. I am definitely an island girl. Of course, no smoky skies here does not mean it will be clear closer to where some of the wildfires are burning. This means I will be keeping a close watch on weather, fires burning, AQI, traffic before heading out. Probably next week if all is fine. Meanwhile, happy note, I can still go blackberry picking! Possibly a quick trip to Sooke where I know of some great places.