Ringing in a New Year of Adventures


As I sat wrapped in my warm, hand knitted throw I caught myself contemplating adventures past and those to come. My top choices for 2016 were the Jiuzhaigou National park, the Stone Forest outside Kunming, China, and the University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology. It was not that everywhere else did not live up to expectations – I did not have any other than to be open to new experiences.

As a primarily solo traveller, I think it was the chance meetings with people for first time experiences that made each place all the more special. If it had been planned ahead of time the spontaneity of sharing various wonders might have seemed forced.


Which may explain why my time in southern Thailand, on Phi Phi, did seem forced. Too much was expected of me and I expected too much of my daughter. We both forgot rule of travel. Let the experience flow.




Of course there was the food. Never forget the delights of new tastes, weird taste, nasty tastes, sharing and laughing over a meal or cooking one with complete strangers.

I went to a junior hockey game just the other night, have not been to a GS D since the 1970s!
That was a winter adventure for me!


I will ring in the New Year with two of my daughters and one SIL, fireworks at the reasonable hour of 9:00pm. The only person at home is my daughter in Victoria. My youngest is in Cape Tribulation. Grandson and his father in New Brunswick, the rest of are staying at a hotel tonight.

For 2017 I may have bitten off too much to complete in a relatively short period. A short trip to New York with my eldest daughter – no solo travelling. I was there once, in 1992. Then, depending on that trip I was hoping to visit Newfoundland. However, it seems it is recommended for most travellers to go during the height of the tourist season. Seems the cold weather does not disappear until late May or earlyJune.


Then there is the 30 year dream I have had of doing the Trans-Siberian Railway, plus the Beijing Loop. Also best to wait until May, avoid the summer, or go in September. Somehow I wanted to fit in Australia too if my daughter is still there. All before mid-September when my travel insurance will become astronomical. One of the problems with getting older. I will officially be considered a senior in many places. Great for lower fares but quite difficult for other things.

One thing I will do before going anywhere is to find a good backpack to replace the one with frame. I refuse to pay anymore fees for baggage. I will have to make travelling light an art form.
Happy adventures everyone!