Have Chariot – what about meals?

Five years have passed since my mother died, nearly eight since my father. So July and August have not been happy months in recent years. However, as I continue my plans to travel, possibly even live, in my car and camp I am reminded of all the adventures my parents went on. With only one driver. The only difference is that they had a truck although I am positive it did not have a canopy let along a camper. They camped.

Which brings me to what campfire bans? In B.C., probably the majority of the province, there are campfire bans currently in place. It just happened that my inbox had an article that discusses just that problem. Although it speaks of Vancouver Island the message is that camping can still be fun. https://vancouverisland.travel/island-moments/ This made me think that perhaps I should collect the rather ancient Coleman stove my sister found with our parents things. If they could survive for a weekend, weeks and even a year once (although that included a lot of B&Bs) then surely I can.

First thing to do will be to make sure it is in working order!

Of course this brings me to another issue. Once cooking is done what on earth does anyone choosing to use their vehicle as a place to bed down in do with food? All the material I have come across says to lock it in the vehicle, assuming you have one, but nothing about those especially hungry bears that choose to sniff about, and possibly break into, said vehicle. Just stay away from grizzly country? Camp in fields only? I have camped, even had to cower in a shower once when bears were nosing about – Jasper National Park many, many years ago.

Perhaps needless to say we have not yet gone camping. However, I am working on it!

One thought on “Have Chariot – what about meals?

  1. I went camping a couple of weekends ago. The lack of a fire was a bit of a downer. We were in Bear country and the rangers even took away someone’s unattended cooler.
    Good luck with all your plans.


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