Wedding Wednesdays: Dreams & Dresses

My daughter shared a funny dream with me before I left on my trip to China – except it was probably more of a nightmare for her. She is a nurse, and she will be having a surgical procedure soon, (nothing to worry about) so her dream of course took place at the hospital she works at. 

Without going into detail of her particular job (nearly impossible for me to explain) it seems her fellow RNs were doing work up for the day’s patients and my daughter was expected to do her work. Except it was her wedding day so she was trying to change into her wedding dress. While patients were arriving she was stripping down and asking for help. Everyone kept telling her she had to do her job and she kept saying she could see the boat at the dock getting ready to sail – without her! I am quite sure she cannot actually see that far but the hospital does overlook the lake and she is getting married onboard a paddle boat. 

As I live in a different province in Canada,  and am now travelling in China and Vietnam, we are trying to keep caught up with things via email. Just prior to leaving my daughter said she needed an RSVP by date – I was way off with what I thought appropriate and it seems that even the date she chose may be too soon for people to make a commitment. I had no idea planning a wedding was so complicated. Her one omarried sister ended up changing her plans so we had barely three weeks to plan.

Dress shopping has sort of started. I have seen four photos of ones my daughter likes and she is planning to go to a Bridal Fair in her city. I said if she finds exactly what she wants at a trunk sale she should buy it! She can always send me a picture with her in it. If she does not then it is off to Toronto in January with her sister, two of her friends and me for a show and dress hunting! That will be as close to Kleinfeld’s as we’ll ever get. New York is pricey. Soon she will be saying yes to the dress.

If I could figure out how to buy a dress for her while in China or Vietnam I would. Always beautiful and sometimes not priced out of the stratosphere.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesdays: Dreams & Dresses

  1. It is funny what our mind sometimes creates when we are asleep. I usually remember my dreams very vividly and have come up with the weirdest ones…

    I hope your daughter will find the right dress for her, I always believe she will know immediately when she has found the “one”. I have always recommended to try many different styles, as sometimes women end up with a completely different dress than what they had imagined in the first place.

    Vietnam would be a great place to look for one, I am sure you will see plenty of bridal stores during your trip. Also if you are in Hoi An, you could have a dress made for yourself by one of the many tailors there?



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