CANADA DAY! (I know, two weeks ago)

The 150th year since the signing of Confederation, in what is now PEI, on July 1st 1867. The Province of Canada (southern portion of modern-day Ontario and Quebec), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined together to form Canada. It was not until 1949, with Newfoundland joining, that Canada became the country we now see on maps. Nunavut became its own territory in 1999, having previously been considered part of the Northwest Territories. That is the shortest history, as close to non-political possible, piece I have ever written. 

Heading back.

The day started with pouring rain, with the sun barely making an appearance for the local parade from the top of the road to the bottom – dead end – a tradition started by a family several years ago. Typical country style. Tractors, ATVs (well, only recently typical), horses and friendly waving to all. We stood on the porch out of the rain.

Set up and taken down every day of the long weekend.

Then to town to celebrate with the city folk. Everywhere there were throngs of people. Entertainment at Confederation Park and an Art Festival at the relatively nearby City Park (the original proposed site for city centre and Hall) with over 150 artisans. A beer garden and food truck area with live music made this a very popular event. I bought lunch for one daughter – we had managed to lose her sister somewhere in the crowd along with her friend. (They were already seated to eat) We had an enjoyable afternoon seeing all the sights and spending too much money at the Art Fest before declaring starvation. Kingston has one of highest, if not the top, percentages of eateries per capita in the country and it appeared all the downtown locations were ready to burst their seams. We finally settled on Kingston Brewing Company (yet another pub), now only my two daughters and one SIL. 

This pub is a funky favourite for locals and tourists. There is so much beer paraphernalia it is impossible to be bored. It is a brewery, and serves various selections of their brews. I have never liked beer, I also do not drink. Neither do my younger daughter or husband so it was up to my eldest to try out what was on tap. I guess she was not smitten, it was a Dragon something, she ordered a glass of wine instead. Fortunately the food is very good. I chose the Portobello Veggie Burger with roasted pepper, roasted onion, arugula and basil mayo. Easy to cut on carbs by removing the top half of the bun. I would return for a meal.

Sated, but not stuffed, we felt ready for a a meander back to the main celebrations, listened to and watched a band, did a little on the side dancing, then joined a friend of my younger D for watching the fireworks. They were spectacular! If my sore knees were any indication of the time the show lasted about 20 minutes many oohs, ahs clapping has throughout. A completely natural occurrence was a shooting star that fell across the path during a very short lull – now that certainly took away the collective breath of those of us saw it. Then the finale once more drew all spectators in, a crescendo of firepower and a display that no one could find fault with – rather than standing and roaring with delight everyone seemed to just be pulled into the moment before rising with thunderous cheering and applause. 

My fireworks photos could not hold a candle to these megawatt smiles!

We were tired and happy. A very fine day.
The numbers:18.00 lunch; 7.00 garlic oil (gift for D looking after Mozzy); 75.00 dinner for 3; 15,500 steps


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