Day 9: Farmers Market & Fringe Theatre

There is an abundance of small markets on various days during the short, yet bountiful season in the region. One such Market is held at the end of the street where one daughter of mine lives. Of course we went. This day was mainly for discovery so I was somewhat puzzled to discover I spent far more money than I had intended! However, it was for fresh, local produce. Beautiful turnips, lush greens (damned if I can recall exactly what), even Chinese street food – of course I had to sample that. Aptly called Farm Sum, baozi (steamed buns lightly cooked in oil) filled with pork, bokchoi, garlic scape and cilantro, perfect for an in the paw snack. We also tried an apple danish and samples of apple cider. My daughter bought a bottle for her son and left it behind! Thank goodness her sister lives down the street – we had her dash back and it was still at the pesto table where we sampled, then purchased two wonderful pestos. We put all our bounty in the fridge before heading out for more adventures. I enjoy markets that focus mainly on local produce and edibles that are interspersed with local crafter. 

One pizza joint (Score Pizza) had a hockey net rigged up for passersby to try their luck at scoring a free pizza or more. Eldest daughter got one, her sister two! At least one will be picked up for when the younger daughter moves to Waterloo soon. Another will be shared with my grandson when we are downtown. I will review the place after I actually taste the pizza. Of course free is a bonus.

We then headed to see a local production of Homeschooled – the Musical. This was part of the Storefront Fringe Festival. The ticket price goes directly to the players, not too often an amateur group gets paid for the long hours put in before putting a show on the stage. Attending was my idea for the simple reason three of my children were homeschooled for a couple of years when we lived in China. Side note: it did not seem to do them any harm – one is on her way to a doctorate, another has her BA. The youngest was bitten hard with the travel bug. I was curious to hear and see how being homeschooled is depicted theatrically. 

The book, music and lyrics were written by Ryan Cowl, (I am interested to see if he does more or sticks to teaching) and it is his experience entering his last year of school into mainstream education that is presented after he informs his family he no longer wants to be homeschooled. He played the keyboard to accompany the singing. Rather an interesting web to connect his past, present and possible future. The players are all 25 and under, I saw the main character in another production, also Blue Canoe Productions, when I was last in Kingston. He has some promise as an actor. Did it show homeschooling as my daughter remembers it? Not really. There were some funny bits she and I could relate to. The author did go on to university. Overall it was a fun hour with some good lines, decent and funny lyrics with one line that ran through my head after. 

I have probably said this in the past, travel should encompass as many avenues of where one ventures to as possible. I hope I can enjoy various productions, whether of cultural significance, music, theatre, dance and other, wherever I go.
No photos, seems I was too interesting in tasting samples and flashbulbs tend to blind players.

I somehow managed to get in a decent number of steps.

Numbers: 12.00 play (10.00 goes directly to the players; 2.00 for Fringe button); 30.00 farmer’s Market (guessing at figure) 11,000 steps (i am just going to round up from now on)


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