Day 8: Dirt Bikes

Family comes first, especially when a teenage boy and his friend are hankering to go dirt bike riding. This and similar activities have always been barely within my periphery so it came as quite a shock when my grandson started to show such a keen interest in madcap, motorized sports. A learning curve for me – at times I feel I should carry a defibrillator with me, this was MY grandson I was watching speed over dirt hills, flying into the air, landing with a bounce. Thank goodness not a thump.

Let me back up a bit. The dirt bike was a Christmas gift we all pitched in for. As in winter, in Ontario, where there is snow and it gets cold. So actual riding was not about to happen right away. Except spring and summer do eventually arrive. A track about 1 1/2  hours away was found and it was time to go for a real spin after several weeks of riding off-road. I went along for the journey and a chance to see other places. 

No helmet, no ride.
The boys spent a happy four hours riding up, down, and all around while we went for lunch. 

Places we passed by that caught my fancy , Blessington, (a place) and Harmony Road; we were feeling quite safe until we hit Thrasher and then Slash roads. Feelings of being between heaven and hell. We drove to Picton, ate lunch at the Vic Cafe, in the side courtyard outside the library, under a large, shady oak tree. Delicious Apple Sweet Potato Salad. The sweet potato were made into raw noodles, (I have to try this at home) fresh thin cut beets and apple, quinoa and chickpeas with feta and chicken with a simple apple dressing. 

We wandered around a bit before fetching two tired but happy teen boys. 

Numbers: 25.00 lunch; 10,417 steps


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