Day 6

Day 6 

Rough night. Knees fine, right fingers on fire, extending to the rest of my poor digits. I have no idea how little sleep I managed to get. Most of the night I was battling a torture chamber that enclosed my right hand only. I now understand why some cultures used biting ants, or bamboo under the nails as a means of prolonged torture. Surely anyone would agree to verbally confess anything after having a hand incapacitated through continual pain. Although only two fingers were attacked it affected all of them. It looks even worse in person!

Coffee at the house then headed out. Upon closer inspection of the two bad bites I believe they may be infected. A third bite is also spreading. Nothing open at 7:30 so I stopped for breakfast and another coffee. Where else but at Crave. I know a bagel should not have been my choice. (Edit shows I was speaking in real time at this juncture) As my day had started out rather negatively I was somewhat worried I would not be able to use my $100 bill I had not bothered to break into easier to spend notes the day before. Thank goodness they were able to despite the early hour! I think a trip to a vault was necessary as one of the staff whisked the bill away to the kitchen chambers. Sorry, medieval torture was still in my brain. I assumed I would have enough cash to last me a couple of days.

The pandas eat while I take in a little light reading.

After my bagel and coffee I walked across the street to the medical clinic where I only had to wait about ten minutes. Prognosis, definitely bad bites, close inspection still pointed to a mosquito that may have lost part of its proboscis or been pulling up blood and shed it when I flinched. Assuming I flinched as most people do if fingers, feet, toes or face are attacked. However, more likely an allergic reaction and a possible infection. A prescription for topical hydrocortisone with an antibiotic was ordered plus the recommendation I also take Claritin. The doctor considered the latter is better than some of the others, something about the properties. I followed my routine of meeting my daughter, dropping stuff at her office, had her cluck over my bites then headed back to pick up the prescription. Sticker shock. Back to the office where I applied the cream, swallowed a pill, shook my head over the expense and promptly decided to do a Scarlett O’Hara, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

A waterfront walking tour and live music were on my agenda. This tour starts at the reconstructed ruins of Fort Frontenac outside K-Rock Centre. I would have liked to know how much of actual Fort stones were used in the reconstruction. Much of the section I did walk along means reading or listening and casting your imagination into the past. Armed with a fairly good background of Canadian history a meander through the past was quite interesting, even if I did end up getting turned around. The building with the 12 stars and two barrels was very difficult to find – it was right in front of me but I had read 12 stairs. This was a brewhouse from probably before 1790. In the late 1800’s there were ten breweries for a population of 5000! 

Note the contrasting brick and iron stars. No notes about the barrels.

Dry docks were an important industry in Kingston, where steam launches were first built, giving way to tugs, barges, and, at one point the manufacturing of early automobiles. Is anyone familiar with the Fleetwood Knight? During WWI lifeboats were built for merchant marines. Tugs and barges were built during WWII, and today fireboats and high speed marine patrol boats are built. One fireboat was out of the water when I walked by, it looked rather forlorn out of its environment. Tour boats, small sailing craft and various crafts abound off the shore.

I had hoped to make it to where the Grand Trunk tracks once ran, another day when I do not have other plans or head in the wrong direction. I satisfied my wandering by walking along an area where townhouses where there is docking for boats and across from the Kingston Yacht Club. It was time to say goodbye to the past and head for church.

St. George’s Cathedral has summer concerts on Thursdays with the Cranberry Dixie Band playing this day. They are a 7 piece group – drums, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba and keyboards. A very tight performance time wise – 12:15 to 12:50 on the button. I suppose there might be afternoon services. A wonderful way to spend a lunch break with time to spare to eat on either side. I believe 8 pieces were played, all quite old. They started with a somewhat subdued When the Saints Go Marching In and ended with High Society. I was rather amazed I actually knew seven of the tunes and even some of the lyrics. I do like music but only to listen to. It was a nice way to relax away from the sun. Seek out free or by donation concerts, you never know what you will hear.

Happily getting into the best.

Eventually I had to deal with the fact I had spent all my money for the next 2-3 days in one fell swoop. I sent a little bit frantic message to my daughter in a Victoria asking her to transfer funds to my bank account. At least I had had the good sense to take a card with me – I very often do not, choosing instead to keep to a budget. I had to think about lunch and had missed the St. George’s hot lunch. Yes indeed, I did consider it. Perhaps another week if it is not solely for the less fortunate. I would hate to take away from anyone. 

Money issue solved, I headed for lunch to, where else, Crave, the Detox salad seemed the perfect antidote to my frustrating few hours – lots of yummy chopped vegetables lightly mixed with a lemon hummus dressing. I did bust apart the healthy meal with a Portuguese egg tart and a coffee. However, I went for another walk before heading to meet my ride back to the country. Passed another church that has a thriving vegetable garden plus a yard with some gorgeous blooms. The white flowers look like poppies.

It was a good day to stop and admire the flowers.

The numbers:

10.40 breakfast (thank goodness they could break a $100 bill); 87.00 medicine (so much for breaking that $100 bill – I was once again w/o money! Transferred from my China trip funds. Lesson: always have a back up plan); 11.60 lunch; 15,455 steps.


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