My Canada 150: Day 3

There is something comfortable about returning to a place previously visited. I expect it is along the lines of going to the cabin, or snowbirds flying to Florida, enough familiarity to encourage exploring without being completely out of ones depth. Kingston has become like that for me. It took this long to also discover that few of the tourist sites open until June. Kingston has become one of my cities to discover and what better time than for Canada 150.

I am still staying in the country which means up early for a ride to town. For my first week I expect this will be my routine. Crave was my first stop. Fortified with a good cup of coffee and a spinach feta danish I finished my book and worked on my first blog entry for this trip. With photos not uploading in town then sporadic internet in the country I was doubting my adventures will ever read. I shall persevere. I plan to shed books as I read them in an effort to lighten my load for going home.

A walk up Princess St., the downtown core, I eventually met up with my daughter for an early lunch (for me, late breakfast for her) at Geneva Crepe Bistro where I tried the Great Canadian crepe with peameal back bacon, (I am absolutely certain I have never had this before – it must be an Eastern Canada thing) scrambled egg, mushrooms and green onion. It was very good but far too much. I only ate half. A doggy carton spent three hours in my hand – next time I will insist on a bag also. My daughter had the Elvis crepe, topped with banana, bacon, maple syrup and chocolate ganache – and peanut butter on the inside from what I could see – somehow my darling child (28) ate the whole thing. We definitely needed to walk off our meal. 

Always feed your pandas first

A self guided Walking Tour of Kingston was the perfect outlet. To suit the upcoming Canada 150 festivities we chose to “Walk in Sir John A.’s Footsteps.” Rather than plug into the App I had downloaded my daughter became my personal guide, reading aloud each short blurb in the booklet I also had. Until recently she worked with Haunted Tours of Kingston proved an easy transition and she added some snippets of unexpected information along the way. (No secrets of the trade were revealed).
Sir John A. was the first prime minister of Canada, with Kingston slated as the capital of the country. Rather short lived, with Ottawa eventually becoming our capital city. We spent a lovely afternoon looking at some of the homes Sir John A. either lived in or rented for family members. Kingston reminds me in some ways of Victoria, maintaining many homes built in the 1800s, the main difference is that homes in Kingston were build using stone, brick or limestone. Some of these were beautifully crafted with many retaining their fabulous brick or stonework. 
Few of the grand homes are single family dwellings these days
Just look at the detail!

I was quite happy to see that St. George’s Cathedral was open to visitors. My last visit to Kingston found only one church actually open to the public, this was not one of them. Playing in the air was the sound of what the flock might encounter, an organist was practising the pipes, quite enthralling. Finding signs of the inane in places too often sombre always delights me. I was not disappointed – pews are uncomfortable so why not soften the seat with a personal cushion? On the way out I was tempted to give a go on the two bell pulls flanking the main doors. I refrained. 
Sunday’s best outfit

I was also quite exhausted by the time we made our way to where my other daughter had parked her car. My grandson had a friend over so the early evening and dinner were quite boisterous. I was in bed by 9:00 and probably only woke up once until I had a near cramp in my thigh. Wearing my runners tomorrow. 

4.60 coffee and danish (Crave); my daughter treated me for lunch; 21000+ steps


One thought on “My Canada 150: Day 3

  1. Love the buildings and the food. I’m back on restrictions after the holiday and the doctor today! Please enjoy every mouthful.


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