My Canada 150 Day 1-2

It was beginning to be doubtful I would actually even make it to the airport yet alone get on the plane. Fortunately I was able to put my full trust in my daughter to look after my cat, Mozzy, without feeling exceptionally guilty. I was lucky to begin my trip in a relaxed manner rather than dealing with the frenzy of taking three buses to the airport. Dinner with live music, thank you Sean McCool (his real name). After some discussion about sustainability I decided to have the snapper – I could not find any information when doing a quick search on my iPhone – as it seemed the best choice for a light, and still satisfying, meal. My travelling companions insisted on sharing two very small nibbles of a gluten free, heavy on the chocolate, ‘cake’. Like a dense cheesecake. They then fell into a stupor for the rest of the evening and would not emerge until we arrived in Kingston where I was greeted by my two daughters who live there. I was worn out and my internal clock did not want to switch to Ontario time so we decided to forego lunch. I had a relaxed afternoon in the country, took a rather late nap before a delicious BBQ, a hazy double rainbow when going for an evening walk before crashing for the night. My body is older than my mind.

Death by chocolate

Flight: delayed 1 1/2 hours due to a weather system in Toronto. I later heard it was a potential storm. Everyone exhausted. This was a red eye flight, nothing was open for anyone in need of sustenance. There is a water fountain.

Trains: if anyone needs to go to downtown TO from the airport the UP train is wonderful and only $12.00. I believe the GO Train is even less expensive but I was already familiar with UP going to Union Station. This station remains in the throes of a major overhaul. I believe every trip I make I am given a different completion date. The most recent information I found is completion of Stage 2 in 2018. There are three stages. Official statement, “Union Station Great Hall and the VIA Departures is going through extensive renovations through multiple phases as part of the City of Toronto Revitalization Project.” That is putting it mildly. 

Via, GO & UP passengers are affected so it is adviseable to give yourself time. I slated in delays and was happy I had. It gave me about 1 1/2 hours to find some breakfast and coffee. No mean feat, when I say in the throes of construction I am not kidding. Stairs make finding your way around even more arduous. As I take a lot of trains in my travels I am grateful I stuck with a backpack. Cumbersome but easier to maneuver. 

 Via Rail to Kingston, window seat. Slept. Trains tend to lull this tired Beast.

Kingston Station is also going through a major overhaul. More stairs. I did manage to get a couple of tickets dealt with while there.

Expenses: 25.00 dinner (Evedar’s), 12.00 UP Train, 6.75 breakfast (turkey sausage, scrambled egg on pumpernickel bagel, coffee (Bagel Stop), 5.60 Flat White (Star Bucks), 23.28 cash portion of Via ticket for July 22nd (I had $40 in E vouchers)


One thought on “My Canada 150 Day 1-2

  1. Glad to hear you are under way. Loved the rainbow. Have fun with the family. I’m going to enjoy your holiday now. Snap.


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