You’re doing what? (Snap Decision)

Perhaps the most important trait to possess when considering a trip is a bit of craziness. Without it snap decisions can become bogged down by overthinking, mass lists and subject to doubt. My recommendation is to decide to purchase that cheap airfare first then work on the lists, overthinking and doubt. So much easier to eradicate the negative when in possession of a non-refundable ticket!
Which brings me to my most recent travel decision. Although I may sound like s stuck record there is reasoning behind my madness. I am returning to China. What is important to note is that it is impossible to see the country in only a few weeks. However, there are few people who can take a year off to discover just one country. Even when living in China and taking two 4-5 week long trips with my children we barely scratched the surface. A rough average indicates approximately 20-25 weeks of strictly adventure and discovery over the years I lived there and visited after I left. Of course, travelling with children is very different from going it solo. Excluding the days of departure from and to home I will have 54 days.
I came to the decision when Air China had a weekend long fare sale – Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai, China return – for a mind boggling 499.50 CAD! To put that into context, It is rare to find a ticket to Ontario for such a low price. Extremely rare. The deciding factor was no extra checked in baggage fee. I am ecstatic. Even if I hope to have only carry on. No easy feat as I will need clothing, read that as a coat and sweater, for the northern sections I plan to visit plus light clothing for far south.
As I consider my options I must consider, yes again, the National Day holiday, a Golden Week, Sep 30 – Oct 8. I already know how difficult it is to get train tickets and accommodation during that time. Therefore, I am looking at possible heading to Vietnam to do a motorcycle tour (following in the dust of my daughter) from Saigon to Hanoi, or going north to do the Beijing Loop on one of the Trans-Siberian Railway routes. Before, in between and after those trips will be visits to grottoes, villages, temples and at least one former, favourite city of mine and my children. Also where we were the chosen family of my now 15 year old cat.


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