Looking back: time flies 

The following is an entry from 2014, I was in the throes of preparing for a trip across Canada. I have not yet figured out how to share the photos. As some may have noted, my writing style and planning have not much changed. 

Clock is ticking, pages on the calendar are fading – one month and we are off on our mother/daughters adventure! I believe nearly everyone I know thinks I am crazy, so that is still unchanged, and most of them think this is a brilliant plan. We shall see.

Item to add to our emergency list – Benadryl for Daughter 2.

Item to add to our main list – an emergency kit. Did I mention it is a month away?

In the next month I need to learn how to use this silly blog for silly photos with silly captions along with just regular photo posts. How else will I be able to show St. Louis de Ha! Ha! without a caption? It screams caption. A bit ahead of myself though, we haven’t even left the island.
Budget – I plan to do as I hope to do in China next year – a set figure per day to see if it is possible to live within those means. Nothing outrageously difficult, this is not a camping trip but it is also not a luxury trip. So, 45 days = $4500.00 to cover everything for me. This should be manageable as I will be sharing a room, gas and a coffee card with two of my intrepid daughters. They are also in the crazy category so all should go well.
Countdown Day One – talk about lists. Go for a walk.
Photo in memory of my mother. (Sorry, photo did not join the text)


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