Bunnies, Eggs and Chocolate

This has absolutely nothing to do with travelling other than a walk along part of my usual route and some absolutely delicious cookies. I cannot eat a lot of sugar. To be honest I should never eat anything with sugar. Fortunately there are some dark chocolate sugarless goodies in the world. More a matter of if I am not allowed to have it I want it!
This little imp riding a bunny was on a rock at the bottom of a B&B garden, next to trail I usually walk along – I do hope he stayed all day.

The link is for macaroons my daughter made. I was deliciously wicked today after eating two of these- sans chocolate eggs.https://www.facebook.com/raychel.llik/posts/10155270403899048


2 thoughts on “Bunnies, Eggs and Chocolate

  1. Funny to read this post. I’ve just scoffed a Lindt chocolate bunny, gift from a neighbor. It’s impossible to eat chocolate or meat pies while driving away tomorrow on Easter Sunday. I usually end up with chocolate or sauce down my top. Since I want the shirt to last four days, no car treats.
    Hope Mozzy is recovering. Does the vet have a reason, eg kidneys or other?


    1. Thank you for asking after Mozzy. Roughly 2000 CAD later, since January, what we do know is that he is basically ax healthy kitty. Unfortunately, he does seem to have IBS, something that will always be with him. It just has to be controlled through diet and medicine.
      This has put some constraints on my travel plans over the next several months. Lots of time to enjoy Vancouver Island.


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