Timely free trip!

Yesterday a former employer shared a post asking if anyone was interested in a free trip from Victoria/Vancouver anytime between May 1-7. She works for a new, luxury ferry vacation company. The new ship will be christened at the end of April – I also made an RSVP to that – and the maiden voyage will be May 1st. I decided to put in my name for an invitation and was added to the passenger list. I was hankering for something to do without breaking my rapidly depleted travel fund after dipping into it for veterinary care of my nearly 15 year old cat, this was indeed a timely, unexpected invitation!

The trip will also be primarily for the experience as the two items on my Vancouver list will not work out. Which is fine when I remember this is more of a trip for itself rather than getting from one place to another with the goal being the other side. I envision a relaxed cruise that might include whale sightings, will include stunning vistas, and be comfortable. The whale mention is important as I have never gone on a whale cruise and have never wanted to – the orange, heavy, hot suits are enough to put me off. Chasing these magnificent creatures for photo ops turns me off. I have seen whales in the oceans, from a ferry and from land. I am hopeful V2V does not veer off to chase whales for the pleasure of passengers. Let it happen as naturally as possible without disturbance – if that is even possible with engines running.

I will keep everyone posted. Meanwhile, here is a picture of the ferry.

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