I know I snore. All of my daughters snore. For me it was not until I had children and was sleep deprived that it became noticeable. As I got older, pushing towards 60, it is only becoming worse. It does not bother me, it does not bother anyone else – or rarely. When travelling I always took  private rooms, only recently did I try a dorm. Did I snore? I do not really care.

however, it seems that younger backpackers have the ridiculous concept of not expecting to meet people in dorms who snore. Wake up and smell the coffee! After listening to the woes of snoring from my daughter, who has been doing far more travelling than I, here are some very simple rules. If you are sharing a mixed dorm, female or male only dorm, people snore. Etiquette should be clear about how to deal with this.

DO NOT approach the person who is snoring, at worse you could end up with with a fist in your face or a nasty accusation.

DO NOT approach the person when they are awak accusing them of ruining your sleep.

DO NOT offer to have them moved to a private room or another hostel. How extremely rude. It is also bordering on misogyny – it seems the action of taking action is mainly men accosting women with accusations of, OMG, excessive snoring!

DO move to a new hostel of private room yourself. Could be expensive.

DO buy a good set of earplugs. Probably the least expensive solution.

Let me say this one more time, it is absolutely wrong to attempt to wake a stranger, particularly if that stranger is of a gender who might be rightfully frightened or angry. In addition, if you are so bothered by the snoring of strangers why the hell are you travelling and staying in hostels?

thunk about it.


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