The Boring Stuff That Makes Things Possible

Happy New Year!
It is officially 2017, I have seven more days before my Winter Trip is done, and not enough time to figure out just how to fit everything in for my travels this year. Therefore, I decided to deal with some of the practical stuff first. Although money is important I need to consider my health above all. How dreadfully boring, yet necessary to be absolutely sure of not needing to make a call home for someone to rescue me, send medication or, for that matter, money.

I do take medications. I hate taking them. My goal, much stronger than any other year, is to reduce what I have to take. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, who wants to be constantly worrying about carrying even a month’s worth of pills. I have done this, even up to six months worth. A couple of things I learned – blister packs (flattish, easy to access, two weeks of medication). Six months takes up a lot of room! Then there is the problem with humidity in some countries, some pills swell if not in a small bottle. Well, they do in those too, just not as quickly. Swollen pills taste nasty. Medication, even in Canada, where we have a stellar medical system, is expensive. Getting medicine for more than three months, in my province, is also not easy. It is possible, just not easy. 

It seems the only medication I will most likely have to stay on is, to date, not covered, I can either continue to pay $300 for three months or change to a less effective prescription. I am not willing to do that. The joys of being a diabetic (yikes, there it is for all to read. I kept that secret from my mother to the day she died) unwilling to use insulin, or anything needing needles. I abhor needles. I have heard they are also not easy to take from country to country – I will use any excuse. Unfortunately I will still have to poke a finger every morning to test my blood sugar. Sigh. 

How to reach some health goals. Well, of course common sense means exercise, healthy eating, enough sleep. Visiting Ontario seems to make maintaining the first two difficult. One issue with travelling solo but staying with family. I am also not a cold weather lover. Which means I am not getting out for enough walks and am eating fabulous meals with family and going out for meals. Which brings me back to health again. My blood sugar was the highest it has ever been. We did have dinner very late, but it was a scare for me. Only once before did this happen, while travelling, but also after a few days in Quebec City where fabulous food and lots of opportunities for exploring were available. The difference was not having the one expensive medication. Now I know.

Then there is the forgetting things. I sure as hell hope this is only just as bad as from my teens forward. I did have a head injury in 1972, back then such things were not really dealt with as thoroughly as these days. Technology – read that as anything to do with computers – drives me batty. Yet I feel compelled to continue to use it. Which brings me to my first solo attempt at posting a post!  Swift way to reach out to family, book tickets, troubleshoot, share adventures or ask for tips.

 I would love to hear from anyone with medical , minor or major, issues who travel a lot, particularly if solo.

Other Stuff

I mentioned in another blog needing a new travel backpack that I will not have to check in. I still want it to have a waist and chest strap, airflow and be sturdy. I will be carrying everything I need for however long I will be travelling. This time without a Swiss Army knife! Considering I might be heading to warm places then cold I could very well have a problem with keeping everything compact. My winter coat alone takes up all the space in my backpack! 

Anyone interest in visiting Canada, Parks Canada free admission, Discovery Pass for the full year to celebrate our 150th anniversary. I highly recommend visiting this fantastic country. I hope to add some of these wonderful sites to my adventures. At this rate my cat will fully disown me.

Wishing everyone grand adventures! 

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