Winter Trip

Cold weather packing is far more challenging than for a summer trip. There is just so much bulk! My plan is to get everything into my Lug, plus my Tracker sling bag, for the simple reason I do not want to check anything in. I resent paying extra, so my backpack will stay home this trip. This will most likely mean I will once again be attempting to stuff my smaller Lug into my daypack. Including gifts. Gift cards for everyone?


I thought I would add what I use to travel light and how they make my travels nearly hassle free. Tracker Sling Bag, I bought mine at Walmart, I believe in 2011. Probably the best deal for my money on luggage. I can fit all my travel documents, my panda friends, small Lug when necessary, extra clothes, snacks, two water bottles, notebook, book and so much more. It has carried food and water for day trips, teaching material, winter and summer supplies, and even survived a motor scooter accident – my daughter had that mishap, not me. This bag has travelled everywhere with me since I bought it. I love that I can change which side to carry it on and even switch from my back to my front when in crowded stations.

My bags are black, not putrid green or camouflage.


The IPad Pouch was for my iPad plus everything else I would need on two flights when travelling with a cat in a carrier. He, the cat, became my carry-on piece of luggage. I needed a lightweight, versatile, easy for me to access – yet safe from others – small bag. The Slingshot was perfect. It can go over my shoulder, had a long strap, a side handle and can be turned into a small back/front pack. I use it all the time and can even put my small water bottle in it.

propeller-camoblue-front-web_1024x1024Bought on my third winter trip when I wanted to dash home for a month. It is really meant as a gym/yoga bag, with a place for a mat plus a shoe bag and storage. This is a great bag for overnight or weekend trips. With luck it will suffice for a month long winter trip.

I am going to Kingston, Ontario for the holiday, except I will be there for a full month. A possible side trip to Quebec City is in the works. So, when travelling with winter in mind from the much warmer, and wetter, climes of Vancouver Island, I am always challenged with what to leave behind rather than what to take. I hate being cold just as much as I hate being hot. Visiting family does make it easier to cut back. I can borrow sweaters, toques and mittens from my daughter, and I left one wool, button up sweater there from last winter.

Considering the importance of layering, I am unlikely to cut back on the pairs (5) of leggings (versus long johns), warm pairs of socks (6), thin long sleeve tops (4) to wear under sweaters, and night gowns (2). I will wear leggings with the latter rather than take along pyjama bottoms. So, where to cut back? All of my sweaters? The two nice tops for dinners out, Christmas dinner and New Year’s? Which will also be worn with leggings. I do want some of my own clothing. I have my winter coat and boots, plus a pair of lighter, but excellent for winter, boots.

This will be my fourth winter in Ontario. I leave in twelve days. On the first day before departure….