More Pandas, can there ever be enough?

As already mentioned in my previous post, after managing to squeeze into a space that had been vacated, before someone else faster could snag it, I managed to watch the pandas for a while, snapped the requisite photos, then extricated myself from the undulating crowd, checking carefully that all my limbs and bag were indeed intact. There was not a single place where I did not encounter people.

The next enclosure, remember these are more like areas to keep humans out rather than pandas in, we were rewarded with two pandas. Only one can be seen in most of my photos as the smaller of the two had rolled down the embankment, pandas are indeed hilarious to watch as the lumber about. These two eventually had a bit of a rumble, then rolled down the embankment together. No idea if they were fighting, mating or just playing. Whichever it was I recommend for a prize in least resistance.

Then there were the baby pandas. It was extremely difficult to get close enough to the fence to see them let alone take a photo. The pathway outside the enclosure was quite narrow and packed from fence to retaining wall, 6-10 people deep, with a frightening scene of arms, legs, heads, cameras, bags undulating to an unheard rhythm, like a swarm of bees under glass – moving with purpose yet appearing to be going nowhere fast.

This was a bottleneck and little chance of leaving unscathed. Once in it there was no turning back and it was like swimming in honey to move toward the enclosure rather than be pushed ever upstream to who knew what new torture. I actually started to feel panicky with the crush of people. Ah, but the baby pandas and the ones munching away on their bamboo were so damn cute.

Enjoy the photos.

  • go early to avoid the crowds


  • city bus – 4
  • Entry – 58

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