A little Housekeeping (and some photos)

Ancient park, this tree was not that old.

Before catching up on my visit to see the pandas and to Jiuzhaigou it is time to catch up on my expenditures. Fastidious record keeping is necessary whenever travelling, more so when on a, albeit self-inposed, strict budget. At least every other day I add up how much money I have left, and I try to balance what I have spent every day. However, for three days I only kept track rather than adding it all up. Now for some money reckoning.

I have 5800CNY left. At first I could only find 5400CNY then phew, did another search, found 400CNY, I knew I had tucked money in another place, and I get my 100CNY deposit when I check out = 5800CNY left. I expect I will spend about 100 today if I go to the Qingyang Palace and eat at the hostel again. It is so easy just to order here and I do have a cold.

It appeared I spent 6525CNY (rounded up) with 5800CNY left from my 11,000CNY. Pretty nifty trick to be ahead by over 1300CNY. Which is why trusting a calculator is not always wise. Back to the drawing board and my ineligible scribbling to do everything by paw. The balance was a little closer and I was not short money which is always good, my calculations still came out ahead by about 700CNY which seems rather excessive. I certainly did not spend that much in Xiamen!

However I look at it I seem to be over my budget by $8CAD per day over 11 days of travel. Most of that was a result of the 200CNY I paid for a private car to leave Jiuzhaigou a day early, which of course meant I wasted my return bus ticket, plus a loss on my room for the same reason, and paying an extra night in Chengdu. Basically those losses increased my daily budget, overall, by $120.00 – that is CAD! It is a good thing I spent less elsewhere.

If I were to do a similar trip I would spend more time in each place rather than only 2-3 nights. The travel part is exhausting, which means losing some time just trying to get some proper rest. So far I have been extremely careful with how I watch my money, the scariest place so far was the Chengdu North train station. It was teeming with people going hither and thither, some appeared to be just like gerbils running around a wheel going nowhere.

I did take the precaution of only having enough money for my train ticket and the bus fare back to the hostel, plus my passport because without ID a ticket cannot be purchased. I will seriously consider taking a taxi in the morning if it will mean getting dropped off closer to the departure area. Now that should be fun to ask about. Cost should only be, tops, 30CNY.

Another consideration, if I do go onto Guizhou and Guangxi provinces and need more money I will have to take it out before I go as neither province has international currency ATMs.

I looked up flights to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Kunming – my next stop. Talked with my youngest daughter and we booked the flight for October 11th. I will have an excellent excuse to return to some of my favourite places at another time and give enough time to seeing Guiyang. I had only booked five nights, need several more to see the villages.


  • If you have the freedom to make changes go for it.
  • If you become unwell use common sense to get well and back on the road again.
  • Take Rx for the possibility of illness as it is always better to be prepared.


  • I will go into more detail with the next couple of blogs.

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