Escaped Typhoon Megi

So, flights delayed and cancelled the day I left and the next. All due to a little weather system called Typhoon Megi. A quick rundown of what happened, seeing as I am now in Chengdu and have had other exciting times.
Vancouver flight delayed nine hours. No reason provided.
Xiamen flight cancelled. No reason provided.
Eventually slept in the nursery.

My first place to slumber while waiting for word about my flight.

New flight out of Xiamen delayed – seeing the rain slashing across the windows I wondered how we managed to land from Vancouver!
Exhaustion set in and I was asleep before we took off, only a little concerned by the buffeting the plane was receiving as we slid side to side on the Tarmac.
Arrived Shanghai just shy of midnight. Up at 6:00am and ready for the day. Who needs sleep.

Typhoon Megi 2016. My plane was suppose to land in Xiamen.

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