Shanghai, finally.

Arrived at the Bund to hear the chimes counting out to noon. I chose to remain on the bus, sort of been there, done that withphoto-3 enough nostalgia to hook me into doing the tour without getting wet. Two buses today.
A man in a golf cart size garbage vehicle was collecting leaves and garbage on main street near Peoples Square. In readiness for National Day perhaps. The streets are swept daily; after special occasions a line of sweepers can be found in the early hours sweeping and heaving everything into piles for a crew following behind with pans and bins. Backbreaking work. If they have motorized street cleaning means many lost jobs. Menial labour helped make China the strong country it now is.

Final adventure, by this time I was beyond a fine misting once the rain came down with intent. I decided that since I was already wearing a fine sheen of rain and sweat, looking a bit photo-2-1frightening with now frizzy hair, and appearing to know what I was doing I could embark on a subway ride to the railroad to get my train ticket.

photo-4After elbowing my way to a good standing position I became one of hundreds of sardines, the train jostling and sorting us before the doors opened to disgorge several hundred and take in more. I arrived at the train station relatively unscathed. Searched for the elusive ticket counter – signage useless – and came out with my much coveted ticket to Chengdu for Saturday. I believe announcements were being made saying no more tickets for cities -I think for today.

Tip: once again, try to avoid travel during a Golden Week. Otherwise get the actual ticket prior to departure day – it is mayhem at the station.

If only a couple of days do one of the Big Bus Tours but do not get roped into the river cruise or Jin Mao building in PuDong unless you want to spend an extra 200CND


Spent: paid for my room 864RMB, it’s Shanghai, everything is expensive. (3 nights)

Metro card: 45
Big Bus Tour: 100
Meals: 22
Starbucks: 36 (by the time I got back to Jing’an Temple I needed something. Found a quiet (quiet is is subject to definition in China),SB tucked away across the street from the temple.

I feel as though I have spent too much despite knowing I have not.


One thought on “Shanghai, finally.

  1. All that arriving, “relatively unscathed,” had me feeling a bit anxious for you. The photo of your traveling companions eased my concern. 🙂


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