Tote that barge, lift that bale

Six hours before I take my packs to the car, head to town, head to the ferry, pass over the car keys. Getting off the island is no easy feat.

Goodbye home, hello adventure!
Goodbye home, hello adventure!

Sometimes travellers forget to talk about the process of getting to where they are going. Perhaps they do not want to recall or think about it. I consider approaching the ferry terminal the beginning of my trip!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge motorcade stopping traffic.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge motorcade stopping traffic.

I have not practised carrying my pack up and down the stairs. I do know the Hongqiao railway station in Shanghai is all escalators. I am planning to work on my disco/belly dance hip moves if anyone tries to get by me. Like knocking down bowling pins. I get just a tad aggressive when in China, the only way to survive.

Last minute packing – craziness. Switched out a pair of warmer pants for a new skort and a sweatshirt type top a new blousy after checking the weather report of where I will be going for the next two weeks.

Much like the cookie I just finished eating things are crumbling. One flight cancelled. No reason nor alternate provided. 4 1/2 hours later still nothing. Missed my intended ferry as dealing with an Expedia agent for in Egypt of all places! He called back, my trip is being set as a priority, except so are all the trips of everyone else needing new flights. Called them again, call lost. On a later ferry, will have time still but no idea what to expect regarding first leg of trip. All I know is that it seems we will still land in Xiamen. Wifi spotty on the ocean, hoping to check trains.

Doing my best to get things sorted!
Doing my best to get things sorted!

Basically seems a matter of you can’t get there from here. I will lose my booking in Shanghai if delayed too long and probably have to pay for it. Hoping my travel insurance will cover this inconvenience. I will let everyone know the outcome. Meanwhile, treated myself to dinner in the Pacific Lounge, fabulous Gorgonzola and fig ravioli.

Updates: added to my itinerary, Yangshuo for three nights. My daughters will be so jealous.


  • Sidney, Serious Coffee $ 4.50 perhaps this could be called an emergency expense?
  • BC Ferries 1 way 16.70
  • Pacific Buffet dinner 24.41


  1. stay calm when flights are cancelled. And pop a ‘happy pill’
  2. If you have to travel any distance to actually get on your plane leave with plenty of time
  3. To avoid missed ferries, cancellations, Royal motorcades.
Last rays of Canadian sun.
Last rays of Canadian sun.

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