Show me the money: China on $100 a day

Proposed budget: $3000CAD. I also call this the boring yet most essential stuff.

I worked on my budget for a couple of months, the following is how I hope to stay within it. I feel a bit like a politician – budgets always slide out of control.

  • $645.41 Airfare divide by 30 days = $21.51 per day
  • $240.00 visa valid to 2023 = $34.29 per year = $2.82 for this trip or .09 cents per day
  • $167.00 Phoenix Hostel Sept. 28 – Oct. 1(not sure if coming off my card or not) divide by 3 = $56CAD per day

  • $27.95 water bottle (not quite what I wanted after testing it) divided into 2 years then adding only the 30 days I use it on this trip the expenditure should be $1.15 rounded up or .04¢ cents per day
  • $136.86 2nd class ticket Shanghai to Chengdu through China Highlights
  • $23.80 extra for train ticket to make it a first class as no 2nd available
  • $2062.75 for ¥10,000CNY

Total as of Sep 9/16 $3039.79


Still need travel insurance so factor in about another $150
Travel Rx cost unknown.

I cannot yet see how I will manage on 100 CAD per day even if I divide everything by how long an item is good for into days travelled. The above calculation indicates I will only have $22.36 per day left for meals and activities. Therefore, I am still inclined to remove the airfare from my calculations or work in USD despite my reluctance to do so.

I finally worked out that $3400CAD = $2585USD, roughly.

Final expenditure update before heading out tomorrow. My Rx were covered – fabulous.
Travel Ins. World Nomad – $166.97CAD
More CNY: ¥1000 = $211.95
Ferry return trip : $34.20 (unless there is a sudden rise in fares – I would not be surprised)

Total I expect I will have spent by the time I return home: $3453.11CAD; rounded off to $3500CAD
Not too bad considering how dreadful our Canadian dollar is. If I say USD or cut out the airfare amount I can even say I will stay in within my goal of $100 per day!

Panic has not quite set in. I added up my accommodations from Sept. 28 – Oct. 13, not exactly easy with the rise and fall of currencies. (Twenty years ago $100CAD = ¥600CNY).
$622CAD Seems outrageously expensive for hostels even if it covers two weeks.
A dear friend in Shanghai invited me to stay with her, unfortunately it was after the free cancellation date – I will try to knock off two nights as the hostel will most likely have people scrambling for rooms.

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